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Coffee education

Shaping the specialty coffee
culture through certified training
programs & events

We actively engage in networks,
associations and organisations within
the specialty coffee sector

Our main drive is to contribute, foster knowledge exchange, stay informed about industry advancements, and advocate for responsible business practices.

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Specialty Coffee

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We have been partnered with SCA Greece (Specialty Coffee Association, Hellenic Chapter) since our first year in business, participating in the coffee championships organized in Greece both as sponsors and members of the team of judges.

In this way we support SCA, at a local level, to fulfil its great global vision; to make coffee knowledge accessible to all and to equalize everyone's opportunities to the coffee world stage.

You may find more info about SCA by clicking the link below.

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Coffee Quality

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AREA 51 is a member of Alliance for Coffee Excellence" since 2022. As an allied member, contributes to the organisation’s work towards the specialty coffee world and has access to the award-winning "Cup Of Excellence" coffees.

ACE is global non-profit membership Organisation, or a –let us say- family of global coffee lovers, from USA. As main goal, the organization motivates and rewards coffee farmers to cultivate coffees of a higher quality in order to gain all the assets for a sustainable development of their farm, from recognition and reputation to financial benefits.

Every year ACE organizes competitions, in the coffee-growing countries it operates, through which it highlights and awards the best coffees and coffee farmers. The award-winning coffees are called "Cup of Excellence Coffees" and are auctioned to increase their economic value.

You may find more info about ACE by clicking the link below.

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Coffee Quality

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Since 2023, we constitute the first official Q Arabica & Robusta
Professional Venue established in Greece.

This enables us to host in our lab, in collaboration with CQI trainers, primarily the very demanding training courses: Q Arabica & Robusta Combo exams, which attract participants from both Greece and abroad.

Additionally, we are able to organise workshops, cup tastings, and presentations on specific topics of the specialty coffee sector, under the auspices of the Coffee Quality Institute.

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You may find more info about the Coffee Quality Institute by clicking the link below.