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"Cookies" are small files with information that a web page (specifically the web server) stores on a user's computer, so that every time the user logs on to the website, the user retrieves that information and retrieves that information services related to them. A typical example of such information is the user's preferences on a website, as stated by the choices made by the user on that website (e.g. selecting specific “buttons”, searches, advertisements, etc.).

The installation of "cookies" is permitted only with the consent of the user and after proper information.


We use cookies to make your tour easier and more enjoyable. We may collect information while browsing the site and also be able to evolve according to the requirements of our audience.


When browsing the site, cookies may be stored on your computer by third-party services such as: for statistical purposes on website traffic and browsing (analytics), social media, or other internet marketing and viewing of the website on the internet (facebook, twitter, instagram, flickr, pinderest, google, skype, linkedin, etc), corporate view in video playback format (youtube, vimeo, etc),business approach service website via map (google maps, foursquare, etc.), updating items, corporate, finance, statistics or other format (pdf, excel, word, txt, etc).


None of the cookies on the site are necessary for its operation. If you have them turned on, you can turn them off from your browser settings. For more information about disabling cookies visit your official browser website.